SCLENDS is a consortium of South Carolina libraries, and the software we use is called Evergreen. Evergreen is an open source application that handles our bibliographic, item, and patron functions as well as a growing number of other functions including reporting, statistics, acquisitions, and serials predictions. Evergreen was originally developed in Georgia as a solution for a statewide ILS (Integrated Library Solution). In the years since GA PINES went live with Evergreen, the software has matured, and despite being a young ILS, is now starting to match the industry leaders feature for feature. As an open source product, the Evergreen software is free, though you still need knowledgeable staff to run it. SCLENDS is proud to be part of the growing trend of Evergreen libraries and consortia appearing internationally. While open source library consortia are still a small minority, our numbers are growing dramatically every year.

We are proud that South Carolina can be a leader in this trend of allocating resources more intelligently and using communal resources to grow our tools. This allows individual libraries to focus on providing services to our local communities.

Colleton Featured in News Article

. Colleton County Library's Young Adult program coordinator hands out a free supper to one of the participants in the Young Adult Library Lovers Program last week. The food is provided by state grants and prepared at the Colleton Commercial Kitchen.

The Press & Standard featured Colleton Colleton County Memorial Library and its Young Adult Library Lovers (YALL) in celebration of End Child Hunger S.C. Week. Ashley Page of End Child Hunger S.C., Dyeretta M. Fashion, Afterschool Meals Program Coordinator with the S.C. Dept. of Social Services Child and the Adult Care Food Program, and Kimberly Carmichael with the S.C. Afterschool Alliance attended a meeting of YALL on October 24. Colleton County DSS Director Audrey Brown also attended. They discussed the afterschool program with Vicki Brown, reference librarian and program coordinator of youth services for the library, as well as viewing the meals served to the youth ages 12-­18.

Be sure to read the full article for more information and highlights.